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Talking with the Coach and Athletic Director

By Jean Bedord | June 2, 2008

Ask the Baseball Pro:
Jay wrote:
My son is a Senior in High School and a very good ball player. His coach is completely into the “politics” and plays his fav-9 almost every game. He has not played my son at all and there are only 6 games left. There have been games where he has played everyone on the team except for my son.

Question : Should I talk to the Head of the Athletics dept about the coach?

From the Baseball Pro:
Before going to the athletic director I think you owe it to the coach to speak with him first. You need his side of the story before you can do anything else. Talking with him first is the professional way to deal with it. I hope everything works out well for you and your son.
Your baseball pro, Steve Holm

P.S. This is a toughie. You need to get both sides. Keep in mind that typically high school coaches are both teachers and not-so-well-paid for their after school sports. My son had a parent coach because the high school could not find a teacher who could also coach baseball, and this can be even more problematic.
Host Mom, Jean

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