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Steve Holm Happy to be Back in the Majors

By Jean Bedord | July 27, 2008

From the Host Mom:
Our Baseball Pro, Steve Holm, is back in the majors at the San Francisco Giants. Steve wasn’t getting much playing time, so he had been moved (optioned) to the Fresno Grizzlies AAA baseball team to get more game time. It’s common for players to move between the different levels, depending on rehabilitation and team needs.

Steve commented on the differences in this article from MLB.com:

“In 11 games with Fresno, Holm showed his offensive ability, batting .324 with nine RBIs. He was hitting just .214 in 39 games with the Giants. He thought playing every day for a couple of weeks with the Grizzlies would help him sharpen his offensive skills.

Behind the plate, though, the Triple-A time didn’t do any good.

“I think the hardest thing as a catcher, especially in Triple-A, is you don’t know any of the hitters,” Holm said. “I ask guys, and they’re like, ‘Oh, we don’t know them.’ Here, you have a plethora of information.”

With the Giants, video of opponents, hitters’ batting charts and additional coaching make it impossible for any hitter to remain unknown for long.

The travel and food in the Majors isn’t bad, either. Minor Leagues mean “nachos for dinner” and “puddle-jumpers at 6 in the morning,” as Holm put it.

Whether he’s starting or not, “chicken for dinner” and “charter flights after the game” make the Majors the better experience.”

It’s great to have him back so we can catch him on TV!

Host Mom, Jean

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