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Choosing between Baseball Programs at the College Level

By Jean Bedord | July 7, 2008

Ask the Baseball Pro:
Pam wrote:
My son has a combination of baseball and academic scholorships to a good NAIA school and will be the #2 catcher as a freshman. He is just now being recruited by great junior and community colleges where most players go on to play D1. I feel it would be a step down in his education to leave a 4 year college for a community college. Is it still possible if he plays well that he can go on to play D2 or D1 from an NAIA school or is junior college the best avenue for this? He is being told that if he goes NAIA he will not be looked at. Can you tell us if this is true?

From the Baseball Pro:
If your son really wants to play at the Div 1 level then he should not attend the NAIA school. I am not up to date with the new NCAA rules so I can not advise you in the transferring process. Once he starts school he is giving a commitment to that coach and that program, so wanting to leave the NAIA school for a Div 1 program is not the best plan. I think you guys should weight the pros and cons of the academics versus the baseball and then decide which avenue you really want to pursue.

Your baseball pro, Steve Holm

P.S. Think long and hard about the tradeoffs. Academics and college baseball, particularly Div 1, are hard to balance. The baseball season is long and the travel schedule can interfere with classes. It’s awfully hard to finish a degree…look at the number of players who successfully complete their studies.
Host Mom, Jean

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