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Breaking Into University Baseball from Junior College

By Jean Bedord | July 6, 2008

Ask the Baseball Pro:
Mary wrote:
I need your help but I need to first give you a pretty lengthy (but necessary)background. After having a great year his Junior year in High School my son’s High School coach cut him off his senior year. The coach did this often to senior players (with the exception of his own son). I feel like the coach blocked any chances of my son getting noticed from colleges that might have been interested in him. He was picked up as a walk-on player at the local Junior College, but because he was not a scholarship hand picked player, he only got to play in 2 games. In those two games he hit .333 including a 2 out bases loaded triple. Although he’s only 19 and has attended the Junior College for only 1 year he already has enough credits to graduate from the Junior College in Dec. 2008 with an associate degree(he took college classes during High School) He can go for a dual degree and finish out his full two years and hopefully get playing time in the spring.

What do you suggest he do at this point? Does he have other options that would be better?

PS. He’s in the National Honor Society Faternity and is a utility player. He wants to play ball!!!

From the Baseball Pro:
I guess if I were to offer my advice I would say your son needs to do what is best for his future. Maybe you could find a smaller NAIA school where he could continue his studies, which seem to be very important to him, as well as continuing his baseball career. Another option would be to find a good summer ball team to play for and see if that opens any doors that you may not know exist currently. After not playing for almost 2 years (his senior year and his freshman year of college) your son really needs to get out and play to see where he stacks up against the competition, so you can best determine where he should try to play next.
Your baseball pro, Steve Holm

P.S. Has your son investigated club baseball? Many college have well developed club sports programs, which are competitive, but not the level of the varsity programs. The baseball season has a lot of out-of-town games, and is rather incompatible with top scholastics. My son ended up playing ultimate frisbee (he played baseball in high school) in the club sports program at the University of Oregon and loves it!
Host Mom, Jean

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