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Changing from Division I to Division II Baseball

By Jean Bedord | June 4, 2008

From Ask the Baseball Pro:
L. S. wrote:
During my senior year of high school, I received a few letters of interest to play baseball for a Division II team. I chose to go to a Division I university for academic reasons, while not playing baseball. Is there any way to get back into the game with a smaller school?

From the Baseball Pro:
My recommendation to you would be to find a summer team to play on first. See how that goes and if you want to pursue baseball from there then you can change schools if necessary.
Your baseball pro, Steve Holm

P.S. Carefully consider the academic tradeoffs vs. playing baseball, which takes a lot of time, more so than other sports since there are a lot of games. My bias is toward getting the education.
Host Mom, Jean

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