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Choosing a college baseball program

By Jean Bedord | July 23, 2006

When deciding what school to attend there are many
factors that one must consider in choosing a college baseball program. Location, coaching staff, facility, cost, strength of the program, and playing time are just some of the deciding factors. Each player must choose which factors are the most
important to him when finally making his choice.

For some players playing time is the most important factor. If you are a freshman going to a powerhouse NCAA Division I program it will be hard for you to receive all the playing time you probably desire. It depends on your skill level and your position. Pitchers seem to have an easier learning curve than that of position players. So a pitcher would have a better opportunity to play more and earlier than a position player in most circumstances.

Location and cost sometime go hand in hand. If you
decide to go to a private college in California, be prepared to shell out a lot of money. Even if you recieve the rare “full ride”, it still cost a lot of money just to live, ie gas money, food, etc.. Also if your parents want to see you play, obviously the closer the better.

Lastly, the baseball coaching staff, strength of the program
and facility play a huge role. One thing to consider about the coaching staff is to ask them to what level they played. Often times the one who played to the highest level understands more about the game. They are better at coaching you through slumps because they went through them as well. The strength of the program should be an easy one. How much do they win,
and how long have they been winning for? Nobody wants to be on a losing team and neither should you.

Finally the baseball facility always is a big recruiting tool. Does your school have a locker room, or will you be changing in the parking lot? How about a batting cage, and an indoor facility? If the winters are long and cold then an indoor facility might be needed.
Your baseball pro, Steve Holm

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